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İncilipınar Mahallesi Ticaret Odası Hizmet Kompleksi Şehitkamil Gaziantep / TÜRKİYE

Industry Database

Industry Database

Industry Database

The TOBB Industrial Database, created with information from companies that have obtained Capacity Reports in our country, provides users with the most comprehensive theoretical view of our industry in terms of its content and currency.

Reports prepared by experts within Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Industry, and Chambers of Commerce and Industry, as a result of on-site inspections of production facilities, are approved by TOBB. Once approved and validated, the information contained in the reports is made available to users while respecting the confidentiality of the companies.


  • Activity areas of manufacturing companies, distribution by cities, addresses, and contact numbers
  • Total number of companies producing a specific product and their information
  • Total production capacity based on different products
  • Number of employees as of the report date, etc.

To access this information, visit the website and sign up for free membership. By registering, you can access the statistical information and details of manufacturing companies related to your sector mentioned above.

To use the database after signing up, simply fill out the membership form and use the password that will be sent to the email address you provide in the form.

To access the TOBB Industrial Database, CLICK HERE (