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Domestic Goods Certificate

Domestic Goods Certificate

The "Domestic Goods Certificate Regulation," which provides firms with up to a 15% price advantage and is required in public procurement, was published in the Official Gazette numbered 29118 on September 13, 2014, and entered into force.

Firms requesting a Domestic Goods Certificate must apply to the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce - Commercial Transactions Directorate with the documents listed below.


  • It should be produced by industrial enterprises holding an Industrial Registry Certificate issued by the Ministry and should be included in the "Production Subject" content of the Industrial Registry Certificate.
  • Products that are entirely produced or obtained in Turkey and have significant stages of production and economically essential final labor and action carried out in Turkey.
  • The domestic contribution rate of the product must be at least 51%.

To calculate the Domestic Contribution Rate, the Domestic Contribution Rate Calculation Form must be filled out by the manufacturer. After the Domestic Contribution Rate Calculation is performed by the manufacturer, it is examined by a certified public accountant, certified public accountant and financial advisor, or sworn financial advisor to ensure compliance with official records. During this review, imported and local inputs used in the production of the product are determined based on ledger records, invoices, SGK notifications, customs declarations, and similar documents. The manufacturer selects their accountant/advisor from among certified public accountants, certified public accountant and financial advisors, or sworn financial advisors.

The technical examination of the Domestic Contribution Rate is carried out by an Expert. The expert is selected among experts from relevant departments of universities or requested from the Chamber of which they are a member. The expert approves the accuracy of the calculation by performing a technical examination of the domestic contribution rate calculation. During this review, the inputs used in production are inspected based on production technology and process.



  • Producers apply to the chamber/exchange with the Domestic Goods Certificate Application Letter (Annex-1) and the attached documents.
  • For legal entities, the original or notarized copy of the circular of signatures of the authorized person(s) who represent and endorse the producer; for natural persons, a photocopy of the identity card, provided that the original is submitted,
  • Signed Commitment Letter by the producer or by the person(s) authorized to represent and endorse the producer,
  • Domestic Contribution Rate Calculation Form (Annex-3) and the documents used in the calculation,
  • License copy of the certified public accountant, certified public accountant and financial advisor, or sworn financial advisor,
  • Copy of the document proving that the expert is specialized in the relevant field (diploma, identity card of the institution/organization they work for or are affiliated with, etc.), provided that it is submitted.
  •  The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey approval fee, which is 350.00 TRY, should be deposited as 1 receipt:


Bank Branch  Account Numbers
AKBANK MINISTRIES BRANCH TR350004600153888000069072

In addition, the originals of the documents listed below are included in the letter as certified copies, provided that their photocopies are submitted, depending on the product:


  • Copy of the Industrial Registry Certificate
  • Copy of Food Facility Registration or Approval Certificate
  • Copy of Farmer Registration System Certificate or relevant registration certificate of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock (Greenhouse Registration System and similar)
  • Copy of producer receipt or invoice
  • Copy of Mining License
  • Other information and documents (origin of used inputs and similar)


After the application, all information and documents prepared by the manufacturer are checked by the relevant Chamber/Exchange for compliance with the Regulation and Implementation Principles. The compatibility of the industrial product subject to the Domestic Goods Certificate with the Industrial Registry Certificate and Capacity/Expertise Report is checked. After the verification process, the Domestic Goods Certificate form is filled out in electronic format through the web application at by the Chamber, and it is approved within 10 working days.