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Capacity Report

Capacity Report

Definition and Scope of Capacity Report 

A Capacity Report is a document prepared based on specific criteria to scientifically determine the production capacity of a company within a year using its existing machinery and workforce. The validity period of a capacity report is two years.

What is the Purpose of Issuing a Capacity Report?

Capacity reports are prepared to determine the country's industrial production potential and create a database for economic and strategic planning and programs. This document is used for processes related to incentives, quotas, allocations, tenders, imports, exports, and is recorded by various public institutions and ministries (such as industrial registry, food registry).

Which are the Legislations Requiring the Issuance of Capacity Reports?

  • Law No. 6948 on Industrial Registry
  • Law No. 5174 on TOBB (Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges)
  • TOBB Transaction Regulation
  • Import and Export Regulations
  • Regulations related to Investment Incentives
  • Decree Law No. 560 on Production, Consumption, and Inspection of Foods and its Regulations

In Which Fields Is the Capacity Report Used?

  • In Investment Incentive Certificates
  • In Tax Inspections, export VAT refunds
  • In Workplace Municipality License applications
  • In ISE (Inward Processing Permission) Documents
  • In Temporary Acceptance Permission applications and the closure of commitments under these documents
  • For obtaining a legally required Industrial Registry Certificate for electricity consumption at a reduced tariff
  • In various import and export transactions
  • In official and private tenders
  • For domestic and international credit procurement
  • For participation in domestic and international fairs
  • For procurement of raw materials subject to allocation or tariff quota in imports
  • For obtaining Manufacturing Competency and Domestic Product certificates
  • It is necessary for various public examinations and also sheds light on the country's industrial inventory and- mobilization plans and programs.

Who Can Apply for a Capacity Report?

  • Chamber members
  • Businesses engaged in production with insured workers
  • Businesses with a registered address
  • Small industrialists with necessary machinery and equipment can apply for a Capacity Report.

How to Apply for a Capacity Report?

A Capacity Report application is made to our Chamber's Commercial Transactions Department along with the Capacity Report request form obtained from Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce or the website and the required documents.

What are the Documents Required in the Capacity Report Application Form?

1- The Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges approval fee, 1475.00 TL, should be deposited as 1 receipt;

Bank, branch, and account numbers where the fee can be deposited without any charge:

 TR350004600153888000069072 AKBANK Ministry Branch

TR210001500158007293586413 VAKIFLAR BANK Central Branch


2- The updated National Address Database (UAVT) address letter obtained from the district municipality to which the business is affiliated for the address of the production facility where the company will receive the Capacity Report, which is registered in the GTO records. Otherwise, an Industrial Registry Certificate cannot be obtained,

3- If the application is made by the company owner or partner, photocopies of "Signature Circular," if made by a representative, photocopies of "Power of Attorney,"

4- Renewed lease contract of the workshop or title deed (the original lease contract will also be presented for control),

5-The Social Security Institution (SGK) Service List and Payment Slip for the last 3 months of workers (the address on the payment slip will be the production facility address) or SGK Employee Entry Declarations for new companies,

6-Photocopy of Tax Registration Certificate,

7-Total balance sheet value declaration and list of machinery and equipment in the workplace approved by the financial advisor,

8-For leased machines;

9-Chamber registry;

10- Financial advisor-approved inventory list.

  1. a) If there are machines leased with a Machine Lease Contract, the contract must be valid for at least 1 year; if the period is less than 1 year, a new contract must be prepared if the parties who signed the contract have changed,
  2. b) If the machine is obtained through Financial Leasing (Leasing), the entire leasing contract, proforma invoice of the machine, and dated payment plan,



Note: Companies applying for a Capacity Report must have 1-9 SGK-insured employees. Capacity reports cannot be prepared by our Chamber for companies with 10 or more employees.

How Are Capacity Report Preparation Procedures Carried Out?

  • The company applies to the Commercial Transactions Department with the Capacity Report application letter and the required documents,
  • The application is evaluated by the relevant rapporteur,
  • The assigned expert engineer visits the company's workplace on a pre-determined date,
  • The expert engineer measures and determines according to Capacity Criteria and prepares the report,
  • The prepared report is sent to the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) for approval,
  • TOBB-approved report is delivered to the company.

Which Reasons Require Renewal of the Capacity Report?

  • Expiration of the period,
  • Change of address,
  • Changes in capacity data.

What are the Reasons Requiring Cancellation of the Capacity Report?                   

  • Transfer of the facility to another company, partial or complete leasing, or taking back of the facility,
  • Detection of a change in machinery and equipment table affecting capacity as a result of changing the workplace (in this case, the old capacity report is canceled, and a new one is prepared),
  • Loss of industrial status by the company (cessation of production or determination that the workplace is permanently closed),
  • Dissolution or bankruptcy of the establishment,
  • Death of the owner of a sole proprietorship, change of the company's business activity, or transfer of the workplace to another province and/or obtaining a new capacity report by registering with another Chamber,
  • Determination of machinery and equipment being in disrepair due to natural disasters and being inoperative for an extended period,
  • Expiration of the validity period.