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The earliest records available suggest that Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce (GCC) was first founded under the name of Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce in 1898.


It was later known as the Chamber of Agriculture between 1902 – 1903, as the Chamber of Agriculture, Commerce and Industry in 1904, as the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce and Industry until 1989 and finally renamed as the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce on 15 May 1989.


The organization, initially founded by a few entrepreneurs, have grown to become a body with over 17,000 active members and became one of the most prominent trade organizations in the country, as well as the region.


Ever since its beginning, the GCC has played an important role in the commercial and industrial life of the city, the region and the country and has significantly contributed to the planned development of trade and industrial activities. Targeting continuous innovation in its range of services, GCC has opened new frontiers in the business environment for its members by the assistance it provides while having expanded its involvement in sociocultural areas and has initiated many projects in this arena, as well.


In order to facilitate a higher level of economic contribution by the regions' commerce and industry to the economy of the country, and to provide a foundation where its members operate under more accommodating conditions, the Chamber continues to offer contemporary and efficient services to its members in order to solve their problems by supplying information that they need to help them strengthen their competitive edge in the domestic and international markets.


GCC, continues to serve its community as one of the first chambers which has a certified ‘Quality Management System'; and by adopting the ‘Chamber Accreditation Model' in order to improve the quality of its services, it is maintaining its functionality in professional areas.


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