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Press Releases

24 Firms from Gaziantep are among the biggest companies in Turkey

Yıldırım : Gaziantep city is proud of you.

Yıldırım : Gaziantep city is proud of you.

According to research of  Istanbul chamber of Industry’s “ Turkey’s biggest 500 industrial enterprise 2018” research, 24 firms from Gaziantep are among the biggest companies in Turkey.

Chairman of Gaziantep chamber of commerce Tuncay Yıldırım said “ I would like to congratulate the company owners and employees who worked and produced without stopping, fought agaisnt difficulties for their country and city, and eventually reached to biggest companies category”.

Chairman Yıldırım stated that 2018 was a difficult year for our country and city and also added “Gaziantep is a city with different characteristics. There is an ongoing war at Syria ,which is very close to our city, lasts for years. But, thanks to god, we have businessmen and exporters who became famous with their obstinacy and artisanship. They always found a way out even in tougher times and always found a way to export their products in new markets for their country and city.”