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İncilipınar Mahallesi Ticaret Odası Hizmet Kompleksi Şehitkamil Gaziantep / TÜRKİYE



The project aims to increase the competitiveness of Syrian and Turkish SMEs in Gaziantep in the international arena, and to increase the capacity of Turkish and Syrian individuals in Foreign Trade and Foreign Trade Intelligence. At the same time, the project  aims to digitize the Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce within the scope of member satisfaction and to increase its capacity to respond to its members more and more quickly in the digital field.


Overall objectives of the project are;

 - To increase business and export capacity of Turkish and Syrian SMEs active in foreign trade field in Gaziantep

- To increase employability of Turkish and Syrian individuals in Gaziantep by providing them with competence in the field of “foreign trade” and “international trade intelligence”. Thus it is aimed to create a group of qualified workforce composed of Turkish and Syrian unemployed individuals in Gaziantep who will work as “Foreign Trade Expert” within the foreign trade oriented companies which need qualified labour force.

- To increase digitalization capacity of Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce to better adapt and respond to advisory needs of their member companies.


Activities of the project are;

 Coaching on Foreign Trade Intelligence Service for 30 pilot SMEs.

  1. Organizing foreign trade, applied market research trainings, Foreign Trade for 40 Turkish / Syrian individuals
  2. Establishing “strategic plan on digital monitoring program” to use by the Chamber
  3. Increasing the capacity of  GCC Foreign Trade Intelligence Unit
  4. Online Database and website subscriptions
  5. B2B event Organization
  6. Organizing a Closure Meeting / Career Info Day
  7. Job placement process of 40 individuals who have completed the trainings