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İncilipınar Mahallesi Ticaret Odası Hizmet Kompleksi Şehitkamil Gaziantep / TÜRKİYE



Enhanced Resilience through Vocational Training and Livelihoods Programme Targeting Entrepreneurship Skills in Gaziantep

The project conducting in coorperation Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce (GCC) and The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)  seeks to improve the livelihood opportunities for Syrian refugees and local citizens in Gaziantep. Main activity which will be carried out within this project is vocational trainings in tricotage and the ready to wear sectors. Besides training courses in foreign trade, marketing, English for business, designing and managing company websites, Turkish language will be provided until the end of the project as well as a job fair to create opportunites for project beneficiaries and awareness raising sessions.

  • A «tricot atelier» has been established in a Vocational High School
  • Vocational trainings were organized in line with the need for qualified workforce for the tricot/knitwear sector
  • 195 trainees, 90% of whom were Syrians, participated in basic vocational trainings
  • 2 courses of «Foreign Trade» trainings were organized in GCC and totally 50 Syrian members has been participated
  • 5 courses of «Turkish Language» trainings were organized in GCC and totally 110 Syrian members has been participated
  • 3 «Awareness Raising» sessions were organized in GCC and totally 346 Syrian members has been participated
  • New contract with UNHCR in the contiuning of the Project in 2019.
  • We’ve added a new atelier within the vocational high school to train qualified workforce (150 Syrian and host community members) for «ready to wear sector» in Gaziantep. (Especially for the need of design experts and modelists in the tricotage and ready to wear sectors)
  • The vocational trainings includes life skills trainings (CV writing, interview skills, job navigation skills and interpersonal communications skills)
  • Training courses in foreign trade, marketing, English for business and designing and managing company websites targeting 88 Syrian entrepreneurs.
  • Turkish language courses will be provided for 88 Syrian refugees to overcome language barriers while increasing access to the labour market.
  • Awareness raising to equip 300 Syrian entrepreneurs with new developments and changes in the legal framework related to taxation and business registration. In addition, an invited fashion expert will provide session on new trends and development in the knitting sector.
  • A job fair to create an opportunity for direct interaction for project beneficiaries and the private sector that will serve to create employment opportunities.


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