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 Turkish company, specialized in PET recycling, looking for bailed PET bottle (transparent, blue and green) up to 500 tons for its sister company locat ....  Turkish company, located in Gaziantep, founded in 1994, 30 employees, producer of glass products, would like to export the following (HS 4-Digit Codes ....  Turkish Company with experiences of 28 years in wooden furniture and log houses manufacturing is looking for partners abroad and offering its services ....  Turkish engineering, designing and manufacturing Company founded in 1992 is looking for distributors. The Company provides turnkey solutions for indus ....  Turkish company, located in Usak, close to Izmir and not far away from Istanbul, founded in 2003, leading manufacturer of textile flooring products (k ....  Turkish company, located in Balikesir, Bandirma, founded in 2005, 7-10 employees, specialized in walnut sapling and producing certificated, grafted wa ....  Turkish Company, specialized in supplying of furniture and school furniture is looking for international partnerships. The company offers products sou ....  Turkish company wants to export apricot kernel products and etc. and is looking for buyers and trade agents for promoting and selling apricot kernels ....  Turkish Company, located in Adana, specialized in manufacturing metal drums and plastic barrels which are used for transport and packaging of petrol, ....  Turkish manufacturer with over 30 years of experience as a leading manufacturer/supplier of high quality garments like: men's jackets, coats, trousers ....

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