Turkish Company manufacturers of concrete formwork sheets, construction molding plywood is looking for partners for commercial co-operation (wholesale ....  Turkish Company, founded in 2006, based in Adana which is a prominent Turkish Seed Company is currently looking for business contacts for both R and D pur ....  Turkish company, located in Bursa, close to Istanbul, founded in 2001, leading manufacturer of Masterbatches (Plastic Colorant) with advanced product ....  Turkish company, located in Ankara, founded in 2005 to produce and offer power quality products, systems and services in international standards is lo ....  Turkish Company named CVSAIR, founded in 2008, specialized in manufacturing fans for ventilation systems such as jet fans, smoke exhaust, metro, tunne ....  Turkish Company, located in Mersin, founded 25 years ago, engaged in selling and marketing of various kind of herbal products is looking for distribut ....  Turkish company named Geomass R and D and the owner of REVOX brand, located in ANKARA the capital city, manufacturer of herbal hair care products shampoos ....  Turkish Company located in Kütahya/Gediz, founded in 2007, producing EPS Polystyrene Machines is offering to sell its factory building as described h ....  Turkish Company located in İzmir, established in 2005 which is worldwide supplier of machine tools and accessories is looking for partners for commer ....  Turkish company, located in Çanakkale, founded in 2003, specialized in producing and exporting of bathroom furniture, focused on developing local bra ....

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